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4 - The Doctor
The story doesn't end there.  The Lost Soles for all its light-heartedness does not have a happy ending.

Geoff has been confiding his experience to a thinly disguised devil.  The devil has him confess that despite his experience he secretly longs for his shoes and dreams of one day finding them again.
The devil reveals he has the shoes.  And was likely the true owner of the shoes all along.  Their true purpose is revealed when they are used to destroy Geoff.
So ends The Lost Soles on a cautionary note to watch where your Sole may lead you.

Its a little tough to make out the shoes in this final scene.  They're sitting on the corner table and are revealed when Chad puts on the cape.  And although he briefly picks up an axe, it is a shoe in his hand when he finally clobbers Geoff in the head.