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Lost Soles Analysis   |   1 - By The Pool   |   2 - The Jefe   |   3 - The Cult   |   4 - The Doctor
3 - The Cult
Love again returns.  Not because of anything Geoff did to deserve her, love is merciful.  Geoff was being given a genuine chance.

But again a crisis arises and Geoff shows where his heart is.  He takes off after the shoes, showing that even though he was miserable without Love she is still secondary to the shoes.
The Cult is hell.  And the shoes are what lead Geoff into its bondage.  The dog is merely a servant of the dark forces at work.
Here Geoff is completely abandoned.  His friends won't help him, The Jefe laughs, and the shoes do nothing here - which hints at their true purpose.
Again Love returns, with the power to rescue Geoff.  But Geoff must choose Love over the shoes in order to be rescued.  Which he does... or so it seems.

Its interesting to note that The Cult leader, essentially the devil, is presented in the 'real' world as Beth's brother.  Love and Hate as siblings.