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Lost Soles Analysis   |   1 - By The Pool   |   2 - The Jefe   |   3 - The Cult   |   4 - The Doctor
2 - The Jefe
The first person Geoff meets after his awakening is a rather crude and mischeivious character who calls himself, 'The Jefe'.  He proclaims his purpose is 'to teach' and indeed Geoff is about to learn some important lessons.
The Jefe has the attitude that Love is something which can be had.  A possesion one merely needs to know how to pick up.  His first piece of advice is to use force.
Geoff does this and demands Love.  But quickly discovers the Love he found was not genuine.

Again The Jefe speaks and tells Geoff to chase after Love and impress her with his materialistic deeds.
This is Geoff believing that Love is something to be had and can be baited and captured, like a pet.

Once again Geoff finds himself living a lie.

What was cut:
There was a scene here that was considered important to our ideas and it was with great horror that we realised we didn't get enough footage to pull it off, and what we did get was so full of errors and poor judgement it was simply unusable.

Earlier Barney had mentioned that Beth was on the other side of the pool and had not entirely left yet.  She was to have discovered Geoff making out with the plant - like she does later - and leaves in utter disgust.  Geoff tries to run after her but his shoes refuse to move.  Geoff crouches to the ground and begs them to go but they do not listen.
Essentially this was to be a shadow of the cult scene to come.  The shoes leading Geoff into ever greater bondage.

Geoff uses his cell phone to call Barney for help (even though they're only a few feet away dancing), in a mirrior of the cult scene they're too wrapped up in each other to care.  The Jefe returns as his saviour and transforms Geoff into an animal.  It is only then that the shoes release him.

Its omission was a shame for Racheal Bulman who played Beth, as she did a terrific and emotional close-up shot that we simply couldn't integrate into the movie.