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Lost Soles Analysis   |   1 - By The Pool   |   2 - The Jefe   |   3 - The Cult   |   4 - The Doctor
1 - By The Pool
In the opening pool scene Geoff is seen lavishing affection on his shoes while Beth, his girlfriend, tries to get his attention.
The shoes are the material things of this world.  Beth represents love.  We all have our shoes that we can't get enough of, and we all have a Beth who is all too often ignored and taken for granted.

Geoff assures Beth that she is foremost in his life.  When a crisis arises, he is shown to be a liar and love leaves.
Now without love, Geoff has his shoes but is not happy.  There is an emptyness that his shoes cannot fill.
Barney and Christine arrive and they lead Geoff to change his life.  A drink is given and this is symbolic of his awakening.
This is one of the more obscure moments in the movie.  If you look closely you can see Barney drops a pill into the drink just before handing it to Geoff.

From a logical plot point of view I thought it was very important that people understand Geoff was now 'stoned' as a way to explain his upcoming actions.  And in fact made an unused graphic of a happy pill ('Bill the Pill') entering Geoff's system.

However it was probably for the best that its left obscure as it might suggest Geoff is no longer making his own decisions.

The drink also suggests an uninhibited mind.  Geoff is now open to possibilities he wasn't before and is now willing to examine his relationship with love.