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Lost Soles Analysis
The Lost Soles is about a man who must choose between  his shoes, or love.  He chooses love, but is beaten by his own shoes.

By my estimate 'The Lost Soles' has to date been seen by about 200 people.  After watching it many people have felt that there was more to it then meets the eye and I have often been asked to explain The Lost Soles.
This is something I've never done, usually by denying there's any underlying meaning to be found.  Suggesting that the film was just a series of amusing accidents.

I felt that explaining a film did nothing more then confirm its failure to communicate.  That a film should be exactly what it seems.  And if it seems confusing, then thats exactly what it is.
But the other night Debbie enlightened me by pointing out the meanings in the movie are very interesting and would have added a lot to its enjoyment.  And my nothing answers actually keep people from getting the most from the movie.  
So here I present the movie scene by scene to explain it from an allegorical point of view.  And in examining the movie from this point of view, I find the true movie that we set out to make.  And, perhaps also that I was wrong in my stuborn belief that things must be obvious to be appreciated.
This movie asks Geoff to embrace his heart and let go of his materialistic trappings.  And it also asks the audience to do the same, relax their earthly need to connect things logically.  To understand this movie you have to use your heart and ask Geoff 'what are you trying to do?'.

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