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Fun First
Updates are haphazard, but it has a large and useful archive.

Trivial, fun, and constantly changing.  This is a great place to hear about whats on the horizon in movies.

These two sites offer silly cartoons and games.

Movie listings for Winnipeg.  You can also post your own reviews.
A monthly showcase of the unusual, unsung, and unknown in film.  I've shown some of my stuff here.

A very cool place that promotes Winnipeg's live music.  I like to post on their messageboard.

Past member, never seem to get around to renewing it.  Occasionally get some equipment from them.   They also run the cinemateque, and membership gives you a discount to shows.

Located about ten steps away from the WFG (above).  Always meant to become a member, never seem to get around to it.  They offer equipment and courses geared toward video.

They put on the Film Exchange festival, which includes the Local Exposure contest which I was happy to be a finalist in.

If you want to start a professional, perhaps even unionised career in movies these people will show you how.  I've taken a few above the line courses through them.

This where you go if you want to get government funding for either film or music productions.  Good luck!  Call me if you can get it.


If you want to go into buisness for yourself the above places are there to answer questions,  and help get you started.

Computer Food
Sonic Foundry
Sonic Foundry make Vegas which in my opinion is the best DV software for the PC.  They also make Sound Forge audio mastering package and the ACID music creator which are both popular music tools.

My favorite file-sharing program.  Its searches are a bit slower then some similar programs, but it has a no nonsense interface and no restrictions to what you can search for.

Surfing around...

A site of some amature filmnuts like myself.  Hasn't been updated since 2000, but its fun to see what they did with themselves while they were active.  Reminds me of what The Lost Soles used to be.

This is the old Lost Soles site, I forgot it was there for the longest time.  Took down most of it, but its skeleton still remains.

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